Too much work...

The thought of having to manage blogs in two places finally broke me, so until I decide otherwise, all updates will be going over to my own site. Everything here should still work, but no updates or fixes guaranteed!


Fixed Links

Somehow dropped all of my files. Ever since the MegaUpload incident, it seems there are no good file sharing sites anymore. Nice job inhibiting creativity, government!

Until I find a better solution, I'm hosting all files directly on my server. I'll also be putting up torrent links so my server doesn't commit suicide. Please, please try the torrent links first. This is my first time with torrents, so I'm not sure I set it up correctly, and I can't keep my computer on all the time, but I'll try to keep it on during the day, and if you torrent it, please keep it open to seed for others. If anyone has any free file hosting suggestions or are willing to mirror, please e-mail me or leave a comment or something.

EDIT: I broke the links on Blogspot again, but they're up on the other side. I'll fix later when I have time; file management sucks

EDIT2: Fixed links here, should be fine now. Torrents aren't working, are they? =P


Just a litte...

In the spirit of experimentation and exploration, I went ahead and got a domain name and VPS set up, so I have migrated my blogs over:

HOWEVER, because I underestimated the ravenous memory demands of MySQL and Wordpress, I'm a little fearful of the stability of my server. This blog in particular gets high traffic sometimes, and I can imagine all too easily my server going down from the load. I have a cheap year subscription for the VPS, so I might use it for mail in addition to hosting my blogs, but I think I'll keep updating my blogs on Blogspot/Google for now, just in case. Nothing will change for now, although you can pop on over and check out my new Wordpress-powered blogs (I'm still setting up and beautifying them, though). This is just a heads-up that I may be moving in the future. (Of course, I'll redirect these sites over there, so no worries! ^_^



Mahoraba (まほらば~heartful days) OP - 大事▽Da·I·Ji

Daiji Da·I·Ji大事▽Da·I·Ji
Mahorabaまほらば~heartful days
佐伯 美愛、白石 涼子
OP TV, melody+lyricsDOWNLOAD

Here's one more in the same day. This anime series is not very well known and needs more love. It's a fun bright series and very heartwarming (as its title can tell you), and it has a fun little OP, in C Major no less! Seriously, whatever bland harem/slice of life/shounen/fantasy series you're watching is probably not worth enough to justify not dropping it and watching this (and then downloading my transcription and leaving a thank you ^_^). No, I wasn't watching old anime when I had free time to transcribe songs...

Kamisama no Memochou (神様のメモ帳) OP - Kawaru Mirai (カワルミライ)

Kawaru Miraiカワルミライ
Kamisama no Memochou神様のメモ帳

Yeah, sorry about that. This and that, y'know. I'm on my last week of break, and I aim to transcribe as many songs as possible and post them here. Here's the first of the bunch, which I transcribe half of a couple of months ago. I know I promised Daydream Syndrome (I have half of it lying around somewhere), and I need to finish God only knows five minutes of awesomeness piece, sooner or later. Ah well. Here ya go.