Just a litte...

In the spirit of experimentation and exploration, I went ahead and got a domain name and VPS set up, so I have migrated my blogs over:

HOWEVER, because I underestimated the ravenous memory demands of MySQL and Wordpress, I'm a little fearful of the stability of my server. This blog in particular gets high traffic sometimes, and I can imagine all too easily my server going down from the load. I have a cheap year subscription for the VPS, so I might use it for mail in addition to hosting my blogs, but I think I'll keep updating my blogs on Blogspot/Google for now, just in case. Nothing will change for now, although you can pop on over and check out my new Wordpress-powered blogs (I'm still setting up and beautifying them, though). This is just a heads-up that I may be moving in the future. (Of course, I'll redirect these sites over there, so no worries! ^_^